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Welcome to ConnectCode's website. Our company carries a wide spectrum of products covering the productivity and financial sectors. Over the years, our products have been very well received by the industry and are now widely adopted by many Fortune 500 companies.

Some of our products are listed on this website while others are sold exclusively through our sisters' site which provides all the related and relevant information in a single location.


ConnectCode is well known for developing software products that improve the productivity in the manufacturing, logistics, retail and healthcare industries. This includes barcode-related software that improves workflow efficiency, and operations management software that maximizes the controlling and scheduling of resources.


ConnectCode also focuses on financial products that help traders and equity firms perform technical and investment analysis such as financial forecasting, company valuation, capital budgeting, portfolio optimization, assets correlations, ratio analysis and cash flow analysis.

Software Products

  • Barcode Software and Fonts
  • Barcode SDK (HTML, Javascript and .Net)
  • Label Software (Web based)
  • Sparklines Fonts
  • Technical Analysis Software
  • Investment Analysis Spreadsheets
  • Capital Budgeting and Portfolio Optimization
  • Stock Beta and Assets Correlation
  • Neural Networks Trading
  • Point and Figure Charting
  • Gantt Chart and Critical Path Method
  • Employee Shift Scheduling

news & events  

06 01 2021 Barcode & Label
Leading barcode software introduces cloud Barcode Add-In for Office 365 and barcode creation in WinUI. read more
01 26 2021 Barcode Software for Mac
A highly acclaimed barcode software that uses Open Type fonts to create industry compliant barcodes. read more
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